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email archiving solution

email archiving solution
I use IMAP meaning a copy from the email is definitely stored about the server, but I like having a duplicate on my harddrive. Problem is when you do that for a time, soon your Mail mailboxes become huge after which I am always afraid that there will likely be some kind of corruption with the files and that i will lose each of the data. Thus the necessity for an email archiving solution. MailSteward is among those solutions. MailSteward archives all your email in the database. That will give you the capacity to search, browse and acquire peace of mind that your entire emails feel at ease and protected. MailSteward comes in three versions: Lite ($24.95), Regular ($49.95) and Pro ($99.95). The Pro version is overkill for that individual user however it is probably right for organizations.

I use MailSteward, the standard version. The figure below shows the principle MailSteward window.

The Settings button gives you a choice of which mailboxes you want to archive, what you would like to name the file you might be archiving, whether you would like to include attachments etc.

The browse button provides you with the ability to look at the database, sort by various criteria and study messages and look at attachments.

The search field is very extensive plus it lets you define searches in a very myriad of ways and it has the ability to search by fields or search by tags. If you use MailTags, MailSteward has the capability to search by tags that you have inputted using MailTags.

I am obsessive about keeping all my email. I also are part of a multitude of mailing lists which generate a great deal of traffic. MailSteward allows for me to have a record of each email I ever get in a very database format which isn't linked with any particular program.

Usage: If you are part of a few mailing lists, or want to keep your emails for reasons unknown, whether they are security, knowledge gathering, nostalgia, or simply a proclivity towards as being a digital pack-rat, you borrowed from it to yourself to explore an email archiving solution. I use MailSteward: I love it and heartily recommend it. I will also inside a few weeks speak about two other programs that really help me keep my email organized, archived and searchable, EagleFiler and DEVONthink Pro Office.
email archiving solution


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